Partnering with Clinical Research Partners, LLC


A letter from Dr. Call:


Clinical Research Partners, LLC (CRP) partners with private practice physicians experienced in different therapeutic areas who are interested in providing their patients access to state-of-the-art medical care and diagnostic treatment opportunities not yet available through standard healthcare. CRP is well established and has extensive experience conducting Phase II – IV clinical research trials for pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies.

With the demands of ever changing healthcare on physicians in private practice, CRP can provide experienced and certified coordinators to help conduct clinical trials in your practice while burdening the cost and overhead of managing all aspects of the trials. Benefits include additional revenue for your practice as well as new patients through study advertising and participation.



Robert S. Call, MD

President & Medical Director




If you are interested in being part of advancing medicine and enhancing quality of life by while contributing to new therapeutic advances, fill out this form to contact me about this unique opportunity.